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April Upton Was Arrested After Raging Out On Ex Boyfriends New Pregnant Lover, Hitting Her With A Car | July 11

Pensacola: They say a woman scorned is one that you don’t want to deal with, and for good reason. Florida woman April Upton was arrested after she allegedly rammed into her ex boyfriends new girlfriend with her car. The kicker, she just found out the woman was pregnant.

According to her arrest report police responded to the scene of the incident and spotted a remnant of the alleged assault — a black car bumper in the middle of the roadway.

A woman told the officer that Upton had rammed her with a car, the report stated. The woman explained that she and her boyfriend knew Upton prior to the incident, and that her boyfriend and Upton previously dated.

A home pregnancy test had recently revealed that the woman was pregnant. She said she hadn’t told many people about the news, but someone had informed her that Upton had heard about it. The woman told police she had been sitting on the front porch when headlights pulled into the driveway, and her boyfriend told her to go inside the house. The woman followed his instruction and went inside.

She didn’t stay inside for long, walking back outside when she overheard an ensuing argument between her boyfriend and another woman. The woman said that when she walked outside, Upton attacked her, hitting her and knocking her to the ground. The woman told investigators that while she was down on the ground, Upton kicked her in the stomach.

The boyfriend pushed Upton toward and into her car, the report stated. Once in the driver’s seat, Upton drove into the front yard, smashing flowerbeds, and aimed toward the woman. She also ran into the woman’s leg.

April Upton was arrested and charged with battery, aggravated battery and damage to property-criminal mischief.

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