Jonas Laurindvicius | Florida Man August 9

Jonas Laurindvicius Sped, He Followed Too Closely, Ran A Stop Sign, Sped Some More, Ran A Light.. All While Speeding; Jim Carrey Unavailable For Comment | August 9

Marathon: Florida man Jonas Laurindvicius was arrested Wednesday night after claiming he was speeding because he was “in a hurry.”

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office deputies said Laurindvicius was traveling about 100 mph in a Chevrolet Camaro as it traversed the Bahia Honda Key Bridge.

When deputies caught up to the car along northbound U.S. Highway 1, they said it moved into the southbound lane to illegally pass several other northbound vehicles. Deputies said they attempted to stop the car, but the Camaro kept going.

Eventually, the Camaro stopped at a traffic light and a deputy ordered Laurindvicius out of the car at gunpoint. When police questioned the man he said he was driving erratically because he was in a hurry.

Jonas Laurindvicius faces a charge of reckless driving. He was also cited for speeding and traveling in the wrong lane.

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