Bradley D Knirnschild | Florida Man August 9

Florida Man August 9 Bradley D Knirnschild

Bradley D Knirnschild Stole Bikes In Washington, Tried To Sell Them In Idaho; Gets Arrested | August 9

Boise, ID: Boise Police arrested Florida man Bradley D Knirnschild Monday after finding bicycles worth more than $40,000 in his possession.

According to reports police received a tip of man trying to pawn bicycles that had reportedly been stolen. Boise Police officers located and pulled over the suspect driving a rental storage van.

During a preliminary investigation, officers found 11 bikes that had been reported stolen out of Washington state in the truck, with an estimated value more than $40,000. Officers also found Knirnschild in possession of a large amount of cash.

When arresting the man, Knirnschild voiced concerns about a medical condition and he was later taken to an area hospital to be evaluated and he was later released.

Officers attempted to take Knirnschild to jail, he resisted officers and allegedly kicked one officer in the chest. Knirnschild was booked into the Ada County jail and charged with two counts of possession of stolen property, battery on an officer and resisting arrest. The officer who was kicked was checked and able to return to work.

Bradley D Knirnschild was charged with felony battery on a law enforcement officer, grand theft by possessing stolen property, bribery of municipal or county officer and misdemeanor resisting or obstructing officers.

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