Heidi Schmutz | Florida Woman August 17

Florida Woman Heidi Schmutz Lied To Get Florida Man Arrested After He Failed To Pay Her For Drive To Hotel | August 17

Pasco County: Authorities say Heidi Schmutz, an Uber Eats driver, who told deputies a man carjacked her at a Denny’s, alluded to having a gun, touched her inappropriately and tried to force her into a hotel room with two other men lied about the incident.

After Schmutz made the accusations against Brian Medina, 31, of New Port Richey, he was charged with false imprisonment.

Deputies said they realized Schmutz had lied after they reviewed surveillance video from the hotel. Police said it did not appear to show her in “any kind of danger or duress” during the early-morning incident Wednesday in New Port Richey.

As they questioned her about the inconsistencies, she admitted Medina had never forced her to drive but that she’d agreed to give him a ride for cash.

When the man didn’t have the money to pay her, deputies say she reported false allegations and exaggerated what happened to make them sound more believable.

Heidi Schmutz, 35, was arrested and charged with filing a false report.

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