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Florida Woman Nicki Johnson Asked Woman Who Bumped Into Her Cart To Apologize, Gets Called Racial Slur And Told To Go Back To Harlem | August 18

Florida: What started out as an accident by a Florida woman turned into a heated racial incident against Nicki Johnson at a Florida Publix.

Johnson was apparently walking through Publix on August 15 when her cart was accidentally bumped by a woman in a Publix grocery store.

After the woman allegedly banged into Nicki Johnson’s cart, she refused to apologize, saying, “I didn’t hit you with my cart, and f**k you,  you f**king n****r.”

Johnson whipped out her cell phone camera, and began recording the incident, saying “You, why don’t you call me a n****r again?”

“You thinking I’m sorry?” snapped the woman. “Let me tell you something, I don’t have to call you anything. Get away from me, I will call security and there are surveillance videos. Get away from me!

The woman then turned and walked away, screamed, “N****r!” and threatened to call the police. “Stop following me!” she shouted.

“I’m leaving the store, baby,” replied Johnson. “Good, leave!” snapped the woman. “Go back to Harlem!”

You can watch the full video below:

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