Messod Bendayan | Florida Man August 15

Messod Bendayan Threatened Neighbors With Nunchucks And Roach Spray, Hits Himself In The Face With Them Instead | August 15

Daytona: Police say they’ve arrested Florida man Messod Bendayan who’s accused of threatening his neighbors with nunchucks and bug spray before cutting his own head when he accidentally hit himself with the weapon.

According to reports a neighbor complained about his neighbor’s loud music coming from a car in the parking lot of their Daytona apartment complex.

Police say Adams sprayed four of his neighbors with roach spray and swung his nunchucks in a threatening manner before hitting himself in the face with them.

Neighbor Cici Sylvester tells WOFL that she was surprised Adams used bug spray since she was not a roach.

Messd Adams was arrested and is charged with aggravated assault and battery with a deadly weapon.

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