Florida Man May 30 Cary Press

A Florida Man Was Arrested Threatened A Pizza Delivery Driver With 2 Guns

Pizza delivery guys have a tough life sometimes. They’re on the road, have to deal with drunks and occasionally they have a gun pulled on them.

Florida man Cary Press was arrested after he threatened a delivery driver with 2 guns. According to reports Press said he ordered a pizza from a neighborhood shop and got into an argument with an employee.

The employee told Press over the phone to expect, “a pizza shoved where the sun don’t shine.”

When the delivery driver showed up, Press greeted him with a gun to the driver’s face. He told the driver that he would only pull a gun if he was going to use it. Press put the gun away but then pulled out 2 additional guns.

Press realized that the driver wasn’t the employee he was arguing with and told him to leave.

Boynton pizza owner Brett Zharku told the Miami Herald that Press never called the restaurant, and that no employee threatened him. He said that Press’ nurse was the one who ordered the pizza on his behalf.

Press was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and was released from jail on his own recognizance

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