Florida Woman May 29 Natasha Ethel Bagley

A Florida Woman Was Arrested After Attacking Burger King Manager Over Fries

At first I thought that it was a picture of Andy Dick in Old School.

Alas, it was just another Florida woman. And it seems as though some people still get mad when they can’t have it their way.

A Florida woman was arrested and another is being sought in connection with an attack on a Miami Burger King manager over a request for free french fries.

According to reports two women, Natasha Ethel Bagley and Genesis Peguero, went through the Burger King drive-thru and asked for free fries. When an employee denied the request, they went into the restaurant, causing a distraction.

One woman jumped over the counter, telling the manager to open the cash register and “give up all the money.” The manager said the woman had her hands in her pocket as she threatened to hit her in the face with a .45-caliber pistol.

The manager was punched in the face when she tried to call police. The two women eventually left the restaurant, in an SUV police say is registered to Bagley.

Bagley was charged with attempted robbery with a deadly weapon, armed burglary with assault or battery and criminal mischief. Her accomplice is still at large.

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