Florida Man May 24 Alligator Beer Shotgun

A Florida Man Is Currently Being Sought After Using An Alligator To Open A Beer

People are weird. For some reason, they enjoy filming themselves abusing animals.

A currently unidentified Florida man was caught on video using an alligator’s teeth to puncture a beer can that he shotgunned. The man then slams the beer and tosses the gator back in the water, while a “Hell yeah” can be heard in the background.

It’s unclear where to video was shot but cruelty to animals in this state is a first degree misdemeanor.

Florida men love their alligators. Earlier this year a man was arrested for lighting a cigarette in an alligator’s mouth. Last year, a man was arrested after bringing an alligator into a gas station.

Self incrimination is a becoming more prevalent with social media. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is currently investigating the incident.