Florida Man May 25 Bizarre Burglary

A Florida Man Is Being Sought After A Bizarre Burglary

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a bizarre burglary in Lake Worth where the suspect took a strange assortment of items.

According to reports a woman had left her home and when she returned she noticed the dresser drawers in her bedroom were open.

She went into her son’s room and noticed his dresser drawers were also open. “I freaked out, and I went outside and I was looking through my cameras, and I saw someone. I was like, ‘Oh, my God! Someone came into my house!’”

The woman had set up security cameras in her home and the video shows a man going through her dresser drawers and then going into her son’s room.

Security cameras in the community show the man pulling up in a car and walking straight to her front door. He didn’t hesitate attempting to open the front door as if it was his own.

He forced his way inside through a glass sliding door.

The weird part of the robbery? The burglar ignored all the expensive stuff but appears to have stolen two bottles of wine, a few cans of beer, and some cheap watches.

Florida. Where beer and wine is more important than electronics and jewelry.