Florida Woman May 23 Rhonda Koppenhoefer

A Florida Woman Was Arrested After Performing Sex Acts On Florida Man Who Was Driving

Driving can be dangerous at times. Being inattentive can lead to accidents and create hazards for other people on the road. But this story sounds more like the beginning to a hit country song.

A Florida woman was arrested after performing sex acts on a driver, had a beer between her legs and a crack pipe on the ground.

According to police, they stopped a Ford F150 that ran a red light. When deputies approached the truck, they found a half-full bottle of Bud Light between a woman, Rhonda Koppenhoefer’s, legs. There was a crack pipe on the floorboard by her feet and three crack rocks on the ground nearby.

In a classic Austin Powers move, Koppenhoefer told deputies the pipe and drugs weren’t hers.

When deputies spoke to the driver, he explained why he ran the red light. His pants were around his ankles and he couldn’t stop because the woman was performing sex acts on him.

Koppenhoefer was arrested on charges of cocaine possession, possession of drug equipment and tampering with or destroying physical evidence.