Denise McMahon | Florida Man January 14

Denise McMahon Rents U-Haul, Finds Out Insurance Doesn’t Cover Damaged Top Half | January 14

Leesburg: A woman rented a truck to pick up donations for her church. She bought the insurance in case of an accident, and when she hit a tree branch, she was told the insurance only covered the bottom half of the truck. Denise McMahon, insured half a truck?

Denise decided to rent a truck to make it easier for her fellow parishioners. She was doing it so that she could collect donations. While making a delivery, she turned too sharply and hit the limb of a tree.

She wasn’t worried as she had purchased insurance. When making a claim she was informed the insurance she has only covers the bottom half of the truck and not the top half.

Denise was told the insurance she bought would not cover a collision with an overhead object, and she owed them $1,800. A rental company is not required to offer you insurance, and they are not required to tell you what the insurance you purchase does and does not cover, because it is written in that contract. That contract most of us do not read.

Her credit card didn’t cover the damage, and she didn’t want to file with her own insurance because she would have to pay the deductible, plus, she feared, filing a claim for the truck would raise her rates. It was an expensive lesson that Denise McMahon will never make again.

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