Emily Stallard | Florida Man January 13

Emily Stallard Gets Caught In Walmart Bathroom Making Bomb With Nails, Mason Jar And Shoelace | January 13

Tampa: A 37-year-old woman was arrested for allegedly crafting a homemade bomb at a Tampa Walmart. Emily Stallard was with a child at the time, according to Hillsborough deputies who were called to the scene by a security guard.

According to the arrest report, the woman was roaming the aisles for more than an hour. Her behavior was “suspicious,” the security guard told deputies. The child was the woman’s son, according to her boyfriend.

As Stallard was shopping at Walmart late Saturday afternoon, the security guard on duty began watching her closely, even alerting an FWC officer who was also in the store. According to the arrest report, the two men were able to stop the mother just as she was about to light the wick of a candle, built in a mason jar with nails and denatured alcohol.

In addition to charges of arson and child endangerment, Emily Stallard was also charged with resisting arrest after deputies say she spit on them while being loaded in the patrol car.

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