Aaron Lennihan | Florida Man January 15

Aaron Lennihan Gets Arrested After Hopping Fence At Airport, Stealing FedEx Truck | January 15

Tallahassee: The Tallahassee Police Department has arrested a man, Aaron Lennihan, for stealing a FedEx truck and driving it on the runway at Tallahassee International Airport.

Police said on Monday, an officer was at the airport when he looked out a window and saw a truck driving on the runway. According to police records, the officer and other security made contact with the driver of the truck, later identified as 23-year-old Aaron Lennihan, and immediately detained him in handcuffs.

Police say in an interview with Lennihan, he told officials he was trying to get back to his home in Pasco County, saying he did not remember how he got to Tallahassee and didn’t know where he was, but told officials he remembered hopping fences until he saw the truck.

The man said he saw the keys were still in the truck, so he decided to drive it and said as he was driving, he could not find the exit.

Aaron Lennihan has been charged with grand theft of a motor vehicle and has been taken to the Leon County Detention Facility.

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