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American Psycho; Christopher Brady Got Fired From Law Firm, Shenanigans Ensue; Starts Firm With Same Name, Breaks Into Old Firm To Steal Safe And A Gun | August 7

Manatee: An Englewood attorney was disbarred permanently by the Florida Supreme Court in July after not letting go of the Bradenton law firm that let him go. According to reports the ex lawyer, Christopher Brady, behaved in a true Florida Man way. So much so that the law firm had to get a restraining order against him.

Brady was an associate at the Barak Law Group from early 2012 until his firing on July 31, 2018. Firm owner Anthony Barak testified that he terminated Brady after he had begun to exhibit odd and concerning behavior and had missed hearings.

After his firing Brady quickly started the website He tried to register “Barak Law Group P.A.” with the state of Florida and claimed his former employer wasn’t a professional association because there were no periods in the registered firm name’s “PA.”

Brady sent messages to paralegals at the firm as well as opposing counsel letting them know that the firm owner was not associated with the firm.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was when Brady broke into the firm’s office after hours and stole a number of items. Surveillance video caught Christopher and Matthew Brady tethering the front door handles to the rear of Christopher Brady’s Ford F250 and punching the gas. With the doors ripped open, the Bradys swiped a safe, a computer server and a key to the Barak Law Group’s storage unit.

Getting the key allowed the Bradys to walk into the Barak Law Firm unit at Midgard Storage in Bradenton on Aug. 15 and, after finding out which unit the firm rented, walk out with two office chairs and a Colt AR-15, .22 caliber rifle in its original cardboard box.

When police began investigating they were able to recover the gun and some of the loot from the man’s crime spree.

Christopher Brady, 35, faces two counts of burglary of an unoccupied structure and one count of grand theft firearm,

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