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Sgt. Dave Stull Discovers Long Lost Brother After Taking 23andme DNA Test | October 26

Miami: When police Sgt. Dave Stull from Florida took a DNA test to learn more about his biological parents, he wasn’t expecting much. He was tired of leaving the family history sections blank on medical forms, but he had no aching void to fill. He’d had a good childhood, with adoptive parents who doted on him.

The possibility of brothers or sisters didn’t cross his mind. Maybe he’d find some cousins. But when he opened the link on the 23andMe website, the name topping the list of 1,200-plus potential relatives was that of a half brother, along with his photo.

Eric Reynolds had the same chin, different color eyes. Stull said his adoption records from decades ago were sealed, and he never spent much time thinking about it. Eric Reynolds was a bachelor who many thought would never settle down. He found the right woman at 41.

Reynolds’ mother had been an officer with Miami-Dade Police in the 1980s and he followed in her footsteps. In 2012, he was shot in the foot during a gunbattle that left a bank robbery suspect dead.

“Good morning, my name is David Stull. We are half-brothers,” the email read. “I don’t know the validity of this but apparently we both live in Florida and we’re both cops.”

The two texted all day, talking about everything from their shared obsession with Tito’s vodka and dental floss picks to the daily struggles and quiet fears they both experience as police officers.

Reynolds said it feels a bit like elementary school, like having a new best friend. The brothers text all day long. Reynolds’ wife jokes that it’s like they’re having an affair.

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