John Baumstark | Florida Man October 28

John Baumstark Facing Murder Charges After Arguing With Man At a Party | October 28

Hernando County: A man in Brooksville is facing a second-degree murder charge after another man was found shot to death in a running car on Saturday night. The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office arrested John Baumstark, 40, two hours after the shooting.

Deputies received several calls about the shooting around 10:30 p.m. They responded and found the victim with several gunshot wounds in the driver’s side of his still-running car with his foot on the break.

Baumstark and the victim were at a party on Seidel Street when they got into an argument. Deputies say the men left together in the victim’s vehicle after they “shook hands” and made up.

After the vehicle traveled a very short distance, deputies say a resident who was outside heard gunshots and saw Baumstark running from the victim’s vehicle. The resident told deputies they asked Baumstark if he killed the victim and he said “yes” then ran to his own vehicle and left the area. He was arrested two hours later when he showed up at his home on Ester Drive in Brooksville.

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