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Michael Dean Gets In Argument With Brother About Bible, Shoots At The Ground | October 30

Tallahassee: What started as a debate about the Bible with his brother escalated into a fight where gunshots were fired into the ground. Michael Dean was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without the intent to kill, use of a firearm during a felony, criminal mischief property damage and harming a public servant or family member.

When deputies first arrived on scene, Dean’s brother told them they drank several alcoholic beverages on the front porch and were in a heated debate about the Bible, the affidavit said. The brother then told deputies Dean choked him, but he broke out of it and a fight started.

When the short fight ended, Dean walked off the front porch, stood in the front yard and pulled out a handgun. According to the affidavit, Dean told his brother to leave the residence. He then told him if he stepped off the porch, he would kill him.

Seconds later, Dean fired four to five rounds towards the ground near the steps where his brother was standing. Deputies read Dean his Miranda Rights then asked him about the incident. Dean confirmed to deputies the fight happened because of a bible debate, but he denied firing his gun at his brother.

During the investigation, Dean was detained in the back of a patrol car and started kicking the passenger side door. Deputies told him multiple times to stop kicking the door, but Dean ignored them. Michael Dean was taken to Leon County Jail without incident.

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