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Florida Man March 21

Florida man arrested after damaging liquor store, blaming it on the caterpillar Florida Man Challenge March 21 A Florida man arrested for destroying a liquor store under construction told police he was Alice in Wonderland and that a “hookah-smoking caterpillar” ordered him to attack the site. Police said in a post on Facebook that the […]

Florida Man March 20

Florida man attacked by squirrel gone nuts Florida Man Challenge March 20 Bears are known for attacking humans. Alligator attacks happen as well. But one critter decided to step outside of his weight class. A Florida man is lucky to be alive after being attacked by a highly trained squirrel. The man, Robby Armstrong, has […]

Florida Man March 19

Florida man accused of exposing himself to exotic dancer Florida Man Challenge March 19 A Florida man has been accused of exposing himself to an exotic dancer over the weekend during a private dance a strip club. Owners of the establishment told police that one of their dancers was touched unwillingly by a customer. The […]

Florida Man March 14

Florida man faces charges after hitting pregnant girlfriend with potato chips Florida Man Challenge March 14 The drama unfolded like an episode of Jerry Springer. A Florida man was arrested after throwing a bag of tortilla chips at his pregnant girlfriends face after she confessed the baby may not be his. Police were called to […]

Florida Man March 13

Florida man, drunk and shirtless, harasses people at the park Florida Man Challenge March 13 A drunk, shirtless Florida man was arrested after harassing people at the park. The man was observed by officers shouting racial slurs at teens and threatening to kill people. Police were called and the man was pointed out from people […]

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