January 31

Florida man may have dug tunnel in an attempt to rob a bank Florida Man Challenge January 31 It seems as though a Florida man attempted to pull off the job of a lifetime. His sights were set on robbing a bank… by digging a hole… across the street from a bank. A motorist reported […]

January 30

Florida man jailed for weeks over laundry detergent Florida Man Challenge January 30 A Florida man spent weeks in jail for what police thought was heroin. The mystery powder turned out to simply be a bag of laundry detergent. Officers responded to reports of a suspicious van in a parking lot and found the man […]

January 23

A Florida man beat and pepper sprayed mom, because she “was a narcissist” Florida Man Challenge January 23 A 24 year old Florida man has been charged after police say he beat and pepper sprayed his mother, claiming to do so because she “was a narcissist”. The man, Robert Eddington, was arrested at the victim’s […]

Florida Man March 4

Florida Man March 4 | A Florida man is facing charges after a fight broke out over a popular Tupac song. Read the full story…

Florida Man March 31

A Florida man is lucky to be alive after his wife caught him cheating and shot him in the testitlce. Click here to read the whole story..

Florida Man March 30

A Florida man was shocked when he walked outside to see a panther sitting on his porch. Click here to read the whole story

Florida Man March 3

Florida Man March 3 | A Florida man is currently facing charges after going on a drug fueled rampage and biting his girlfriend.

Florida Man March 29

A Florida man was arrested and is facing charges shortly after yelling at officers to “come and get me.” Click here to read the full story.

Florida Man March 28

Florida man March 28 | A Florida man was tackled by 4 spring breakers after an attempted robbery at a gas station. Click here for the full story.

Florida Man March 27

Florida man March 27 | A Florida man has found a large bale of marijuana on a local beach. Click here to read the full story