Florida Man March 23

Florida man on bath salts head butts vehicle, attacks responders

Bath salts are something that you shouldn’t play with casually. A Florida man was arrested after head butting a vehicle and attacking a fire official this afternoon.

A fire chief was heading to the fire station when he saw the man, Richard Keefer, running in the middle of the road. Keefer jumped and dove head first onto the hood of a Kia, head butting the windshield and causing multiple dents to the hood.

The driver of the Kia stopped the vehicle and started screaming. The fire chief, Michael Inglett, went to aide the woman and calm Keefer down. Inglett was grabbed by Keefer and had to strike him in the face multiple times and have by standers help to hold him down until police arrived.

Keefer was charged with failure to appear on a retail theft charge, battery on a firefighter and criminal mischief of more than $1,000