Edward Brinkmann | Florida Man August 31

Edward Brinkmann Being Investigated After Allegedly Stealing Over $70,000,000 From Foreign Oil Companies | August 31

Naples: A Florida man originally from Germany is being accused of stealing over $70,000,000 from foreign oil companies by artificially marking up goods they were purchasing.

The civil case claims Edward Brinkmann and his company, Majab Development LLC, developed a scheme of artificially marking up the price of various goods ordered by a network of foreign oil and gas sector companies he worked for as head of procurement.

The lawsuit also alleges Brinkmann and his mother routed the purchases and inflated the cost multiple times through several Russian and offshore intermediary companies they created.

The goods were eventually sold to one of the oil companies at “substantially higher” prices than what they would have paid if they bought them directly from another supplier.

Brinkmann then established and became the sole manager of Majab Development. He used the company to buy 10 homes in Collier County, ranging in price from $300,000 to $3.8 million.

The latest motions filed in the case from both sides are scheduled to be heard by Judge David Friedman at the Collier County Courthouse on Sept. 25. One day later, the plaintiffs’ attorneys are scheduled to take videotaped depositions of a director of Majab Development.

The case against Edward Brinkmann is still ongoing.

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