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Carlos Mendez Is Pulled Over in Georgia For Traffic Infraction, Police Find 2,500 Grams Of Meth, He’s Sentenced To 46 Months In Prison | August 31

Dooly, GA: It started as a traffic stop 2 years ago that finally ended with Florida man Carlos Mendez being sent to prison for drug possession.

According to reports, Mendez was pulled over on I-75 in Dooly County, Georgia for a traffic violation on January 19, 2017. The plea says Mendez did not pull over immediately, but exited the interstate abruptly, and acted nervously, giving conflicting information to the deputy on scene.

During a legal search of the vehicle, two hidden compartments were found, containing a total of 2593.9 grams of 99% pure d-methamphetamine hydrochloride.

The man was arrested and an investigation by police began.

That investigation led to Carlos Mendez, 45, of Orlando, Florida, pleadin guilty to one count possession with intent to distribute 2,593 grams of Methamphetamine.

Mendez was then sentenced to 46 months in prison, followed by three years of supervised release. There is no parole in the federal system.

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