Alan Potrzuski | Florida Man July 20

Alan Potrzuski Risks His Life; Rushes Into Neighbors Home To Save A Grandma And Fight A Fire | July 20

Deerfield Beach: With all the craziness that comes out of the sunshine state, it’s nice to hear of something positive for a change. Florida man Alan Potrzuski is being hailed a hero after he ran into a home to save a grandma and fight a fire.

The incident started when Potrzuski heard screaming from his neighbor’s house at around 10 a.m. When he looked outside, he saw all of the people who live in the house on the front lawn and smoke coming out from the residence,

Potrzuski said his neighbors were yelling for their “grandma” to not run back into the house, but he said she went inside anyways. The man out on a re-breather mask he uses for his job as a pest control technician and rushed next door with a fire extinguisher in hand.

He located the fire in the kitchen dishwasher and began fighting the flames. By the time emergency responders arrived, they said most of the fire was put out and Potrzuski and his elderly neighbor were safely outside.

When crews asked Potrzuski about the importance of having a personal fire extinguisher, he said, “Definitely have one, you definitely should have one. This one, I think is about 30-years old, but it still worked fine.”

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