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Florida Man July 20 Micheal Colon

Florida Man Micheal Colon Nicknamed “Say No More” Arrested After Saying Too Much | July 20

Pasco County: What started out as a call about trespassing turned into an arrested for a Florida man. According to reports police were called to the scene of a trespass in progress. When police arrived on scene they encountered Michael Colon.

The man provided deputies with a fake name on multiple instances as they informed him he was being trespassed from a local business. Colon continued to provide the name Eric Sanchez, despite deputies informing him that they didn’t believe him.

Colon was given a trespass notice and he began to leave the area. Deputies questioned other individuals in the area who said Colon’s nickname is “Say No More.”

Deputies ran Colon’s photo through the system and discovered his real identity and that he was wanted on a felony warrant. Colon was arrested on the warrant and additionally charged with misdemeanor obstruction for providing the deputy with a false name because, “He was scared of going to jail.”

Michael Colon was booked into the Land O Lakes jail on the warrant and the new charge.

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