Miranda Perez | Florida Woman August 13

Miranda Perez Didn’t Like That Her Kids Had To Change Schools, So She Threatened A School Shooting | August 13

Palm Beach County: Florida woman Miranda Perez was arrested Sunday afternoon after allegedly threatening a mass shooting at her children’s new school, where they were slated to go after a school boundary change.

The woman’s delusional thoughts began when she was video chatting on Facebook Messenger with a man Sunday morning.. During their conversation, Perez referenced Nikolas Cruz, who confessed to killing 17 students and faculty members at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland last year.

She also mentioned wanting to friend Zachary Cruz, Nikolas’ younger brother, because “she likes violent things.”

After the man hung up, he told deputies he received a Facebook message from Perez: “I’m thinking of doing a school shooting at Barton” followed by “Yep. It’s there [sic] fault.” The man, whom police identified as Andrew Broome, contacted the sheriff’s office.

Perez admitted to sheriff’s deputies that she sent the messages as well as contemplated the shooting but said she would never actually do it.

Her anger allegedly came from a school zone boundary change. The school board had to adopt the change in order to deal with overcrowding at different schools in the area.

Miranda Perez was arrested and charged with a single count of intimidation relating to the threats.

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