Robert Foley | Florida Man June 23

Robert Foley Was After Attempting Hollywood Style Stunt, Jumping His Nissan Over A Canal | June 23

Leigh Acres: The Dukes of Hazard had an epic car jump scene. In it Bo and Luke go speeding off before jumping the General Lee over a large gap. Florida man Robert Foley tried to recreate that scene but was arrested after running into an abandoned truck.

Foley was driving westbound on 21st street southwest towards a large ditch. An arrest report shows “based on the physical evidence it was apparent the Nissan was traveling at such a great speed that it vaulted and cleared the water canal in a fashion only to be described similar to what was depicted in the ‘Dukes of Hazzard.’”

From there deputies say the car kept going until it smashed into a parked truck.

Robert Foley jumped out of his Nissan shortly after the crash and attempted to flee on foot. Helicopters were used to search for Foley after the crash. When deputies found him, they say he appeared to be in pain and smelled of alcohol.

While police say he wore his seat belt for the jump, his car wasn’t the only thing he broke. He also reportedly broke his back.

He was arrested and is facing a hit and run charge and two DUI charges. 

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