Andrea Swartwood | Florida Woman June 24

Andrea Swartwood Went To Kiss Her Bull Mastiff That Was Acting Out, It Bit Her Face | June 24

Brooksville: They’re cute, they’re cuddly but sometimes they don’t want the attention we want to give them. Florida woman Andrea Swartwood was bitten by her rescue dog after she tried to kiss it last week.

Andrea Swartwood and her partner were returning home from a local bar and noticed their dog was really aggressive. The pair rescued the dog from Floral City a few days before the incident. Its previous foster owners, Tiffani and Taylor Evans, said the dog never showed any aggression before.

Swartwood approached the dog and leaned down in an attempt to kiss it on it’s face. The dog retaliated by biting her on her left cheek and lip.

Her partner tried to interfere, but the dog had bitten his left hand. The duo managed to get the dog’s attention and lured it into their bedroom then called police. Swartwood was transported to a local hospital after the Hernando County Fire and Rescue arrived at the scene.

She was transported to a trauma center so a plastic surgeon could treat her injuries. The dog was transported to Hernando Animal Services.

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