Phillip Stutzman | Florida Man June 25

Phillip Stutzman Faked His Credentials, Goes By “Dr Nik” And Practices Being A Psychologist Without A License | June 25

Sarasota: A little over a week ago we reported on a Florida man who would go to hospitals dressed in scrubs. He wasn’t a doctor. It seems as though the Florida men are at it again. Phillip Stutzman was arrested after it was discovered that he was practicing medicine without a license.

Sarasota Police began investigating after receiving a tip that Phillip Stutzman was offering counseling or therapy sessions under the alias “Dr. Phillip Nikao.” The man was claiming to have a Masters in Neuroscience and a Doctorate in Psychology. The tipster told police that they believed Stutzman had no higher education diplomas.

Paperwork provided to detectives showed listings for Stutzman as “Dr. Nikao” on various websites. There was also a business card, which police say stated he had the aforementioned diplomas. There were videos of Stutzman where he referred to himself as “Dr. Nikao.”

There were 3 known victims so far, where they all stopped seeing the man as a patient when they discovered he didn’t have credentials.

In all three cases, detectives say the women were referred to Stutzman by the same person and that Stutzman presented himself as a doctor. Police contacted California Southern University and say the university informed them the degrees were falsified with incorrect signatures, an incorrect school seal, and they’ve never offered a degree in “Behavioral Neuroscience.”

Stutzman was taken into custody and charged with three counts of practicing a health care profession without a license.

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