Paulo J Bernabeu | Florida Man August 26

Paulo J Bernabeu Flees From Police On Motorcycle, Rides Home And Destroys Evidence Before Getting Arrested | August 26

Miami: What started out as a joy ride has ended with Florida man Paulo J Bernabeu being locked up for his escapades.

According to reports, Bernabeu was arrested Saturday night for fleeing from several deputies while reaching speeds of 100 mph through the Florida Keys.

The incident began when a southbound motorcyclist fled from police while reaching speeds of 83 mph in a 55 mph zone.

Police said as many as eight deputies took part in the pursuit, engaging the motorcyclist and then slowing down due to safety concerns. Authorities said Bernabeu was engaged by the deputies as it went across the Seven Mile Bridge and entered Marathon.

Police say they had a tag number and other identifying information on Bernabeu, who was riding a 2007 Honda sport motorcycle. Police called off the pursuit and then arrested the man later at his residence.

Detectives said they were able to find the clothes Bernabeu had been wearing during the pursuit under a kayak.

Paulo J Bernabeu faces several charges including fleeing and eluding, driving without a motorcycle license and tampering/destroying evidence.

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