Keith Mounts | Florida Man August 27

Keith Mounts Didn’t Like That Friend Hadn’t Flushed The Toilet, Threatens Them With Machete, Tells Police “Shit Happens” | August 27

Posco County: Florida man Keith Mounts didn’t like that a house guest didn’t flush the toilet, so he threatened the person with a machete.

According to the victim, the suspect pointed the large knife in his face and warned that he would “chop” him over the bad bathroom etiquette.

An arrest report said the weapon was located in the yard of the suspect’s home where the confrontation occurred. The victim, who was not named, said he had been afraid Mounts “would cause harm to him.”

According to the arrest report, Mounts told deputies he had used the machete to defend himself but, when questioned informally, could not provide a reason why he needed to protect himself.

Mounts provided the officers with a very short written statement which stated: “S**t happened.” A housemate told deputies he had witnessed the suspect carrying the weapon in the yard.

The nature of the suspect’s relationship with the victim remains unclear. Keith Mounts was arrested and charged with felony aggravated assault. He was held on $5,000 bond.

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