Owen Onfroy | Florida Man June 6

Owen Onfroy Was Pulled Over For Excessive Window Tint, Police Discovered 115lbs Of Marijuana In Trunk | June 6

Window tint has always been a point of contention for law enforcement. When you have windows tinted too much makes it difficult to see what’s happening inside a vehicle. Owen Onfroy found that out the hard way.

Reports show that Onfroy was pulled over by a Florida state trooper after the deputy noticed the vehicle had excessive window tint. Onfroy also made a moving violation which drew the attention of the law enforcement officer.

When he approached the vehicle the officer smelled the odor of marijuana. Police deployed a K9 unit and the pooch was alerted to the presence of a narcotic in the trunk of the vehicle.

After a brief search, it was discovered that Onfroy was transporting over 100 lbs of weed.

Onfroy, from the Hillsborough County town of Wimauma, is currently facing felony drug possession charges.

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