Victoria Morley | Florida Woman June 5

Victoria Morley Was Arrested After Threatening Crowd With 2 Machetes At Florida Axe Throwing Business

Rage rooms and axe throwing has exploded in popularity over the last few years. Florida woman Victoria Morley took things a little bit too far.

According to witnesses Morley clanged two machetes together, proclaiming, “I’ve killed over a hundred people with these.”

The owner of the business, Michelle Simpson, said that Morley showed up to the room holding 2 machetes. “I asked her to put them down.  She didn’t want to do that.  And so I told her I would need her to move off the property” said Simpson.

Morley started to go but then started clanking the machetes together while claiming that she’s “killed over a hundred people with them.” She demanded that people leave her alone.

Simpson walked Morley to the back parking lot, as she called 911, concerned the woman with machetes could do some serious damage. “She told me if I followed her that she would kill me but, she actually had them with ropes on her, the machetes had ropes around the handles,” said Simpson.

“People were scared,” said St. Petersburg Police Department Spokesperson, Sandra Bentil. The fun atmosphere turned tense. “She had the impression that she had used those machetes before.  And it disturbed the peace there,” she said.

An officer who responded to the scene took charge after seeing the Bailey in the parking lot.

Morley is currently facing a charge of disorderly conduct.

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