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Irma Acosta Arya Puts Out Food That Attracts Hundreds Of Vultures Causing Neighborhood Chaos | August 19

West Palm Beach: A nice getaway home has turned to despair for a number of Florida homeowners. According to reports a neighbor in the area, Irma Acosta Arya, feeds wildlife leading to a Stephen King’s The Birds style horror show.

The Casimanos, a young couple from New York with a 2-year-old, bought at the Ibis Golf and Country Club in April, looking forward to using it for vacations.

Less than four months after they bought in the luxurious development, they can’t even visit anymore (“the smell is like a thousand rotting corpses”) and they fear for their child, said Siobhan Casimano, in a call to The Palm Beach Post this week from New York.

The problem: Dozens, if not hundreds, of black vultures have taken over the yard and others, torn apart screened enclosures and made pools, patios and barbecues their own.

According to the Casimanos, the vultures defecate and throw up everywhere.

Down the street, neighbor Cheryl Katz says she has it worse, because she lives next to the lady who feeds the birds. In May, 20 vultures tore into Katz’ pool enclosure, couldn’t figure out how to get out and attacked each other in a panicked frenzy.

According to Katz, and confirmed by Gordon Holness, president of the Ibis Property Owners Association, the POA and Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission have warned Arya. She used to wade into the swamp to feed the alligators, Katz claims.

The homeowner’s association is limited in what it can do, as migratory birds are protected by federal law. You can’t kill them or harass them.

Irma Acosta Arya is scheduled to appear in front of the POA’s Rules and Compliance Committee and will receive a fine. She’ll also be given a cease and desist order from Ibis’ lawyer. The community is calling Fish and Wildlife back to issue her a citation.

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