Buddy Ackerman | Florida Man July 14

Buddy Ackerman Summons His Inner Chuck Norris; Roundhouse Kicks Alligator In The Face To Save His Daughter’s Dog | July 14

Tampa: What started as a walk with a golden retriever turned into a fight for the pups life. Florida man Buddy Ackerman was walking his daughters dog when the dog was attacked by an alligator.

According to reports, the dog had stopped for a moment in order to do its business. Ackerman noticed that there were ripples forming across the pond in his yard.

Before he knew it, there was an “explosion” of water from the pond. That explosion was an alligator breaking the surface of the water and grabbing the pooch.

Ackerman found himself in a tug of war over the pup with the 7 ft. 7 in. alligator. “I go up and slip and fall on my rear end. And the two of us are tugging; alligator is going one way, I’m going the other,” he said.

Ackerman was finally able to get Osi loose after kicking the gator in the snout. “The thing opened his mouth and backed up a little,” he said.

The dog Osi doesn’t actually belong to Ackerman. The pup is his daughter’s and he was watching Osi while she was on vacation. He’s glad the dog wasn’t bite-sized.

Buddy Ackerman has said that the dog is sore but will be ok.

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