Michael Shane McCreary | Florida Man June 12

Michael Shane McCreary Is Facing Charges After Trading Guns For Sex With Underage Girl, Then Reporting Them Stolen | June 12

Enola: In the world of crime, people get creative in order to pay for things. From stolen merchandise to sexual favors, people can get creative. Florida man Michael Shane McCreary is facing charges after trading his guns for sex with an underage girl.

According to reports Michael Shane McCreary reported two of his guns stolen but police later determined he tried to use them as payment for sex with an underage girl. East Pennsboro Township Police was contacted by Harrisburg City Bureau of Police to say that one of the firearms was recovered.

Harrisburg police said that they observed and followed McCreary and saw bring another man into the city where the firearm was sold for drugs.
After further investigation, police said that McCreary had paid for sexual favors with an underage female.

While the girl did not want the firearms, police say, she asked her boyfriend to take the guns.

McCreary was charged with four counts of sale or transfer of firearms, prostitution, unlawful contact with a minor, false reports to law enforcement authorities, unsworn falsification to authorities, and corruption of minors.

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