Auriel Shanae’ Harris | Florida Woman June 13

Auriel Shanae’ Harris Is Facing Charges After Attempting To Bite And Spit On Officers, Kicking One In The Groin | June 13

Jacksonville: When most people are arrested, they tend to put up some kind of a fight while they’re being handcuffed. Florida woman Auriel Shanae’ Harris took resisting to the next level.

After being taken to jail, Harris attempted to bite an officer’s shoulder, slammed her head on a bench and attempted to spit on officers. Then, an officer put a spit mask on her face and she tried to kick officers — kicking one in the groin with her right foot.

When the officers tried to subdue Harris, she began acting like she was having seizures. Rescue examined and cleared her, and she refused to be transported.

There were no injuries to officers, but Harris had a chipped tooth and busted lip.

Auriel Shanae’ Harris is facing charges of battery and assault of a law enforcement official.

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