Michael Prestridge | Florida Man June 10

Michael Prestridge Returned Home From His Job At Amazon To Find Giant Alligator Making A Delivery On His Front Porch | June 10

Orlando: Amazon has completely changed the retail landscape as we know it. While Amazon is currently experimenting with drones for delivery, it seems as though a prehistoric creature wanted to use a more traditional method of delivery. Florida man Michael Prestridge returned home to find a giant alligator sitting on his front porch.

According to reports Michael Prestridge left his Amazon Fulfillment Center job to head home. He was ready to relax for the day when the “scaly friend” greeted him at the front door.

After spotting the alligator, Prestridge immediately contacted his brother for help and then a trapper was called to the scene to take the alligator off the property.

Luckily no one was hurt in the ordeal and the gator was released back into the wild.

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