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Theodore Levy Lost Part Of Thumb In His Jaguar’s ‘Guillotine’ Feature, Is Suing The Automaker | June 9

First world problems. According to reports a Jaguar owner, Theodore Levy, claims he lost a portion of his thumb when the automatic door on his Jaguar XJL R closed on his finger, snapping it off.

A lawsuit filed on Thursday in the U.S. District Court of New Jersey, claims that on August 7, 2018, Theodore Levy was exiting the driver’s side of his car. That;s when the Soft-Close Automatic Doors (SCAD) was activated, closing his right thumb in the door.

The door pulverized the bone structure, and crushed the flesh, nerves, blood vessels, tendons, and musculature of the distal portion of [Levy]’s right thumb, according to the lawsuit.

Levy’s attorney Avi Cohen told Gizmodo that someone opened the door for him. “When it was opened up from the front, his right thumb was basically hanging just by a string of skin. It’s horrible.” Cohen told Gizmodo. “It’s a modern-day guillotine.”

Levy put his thumb on ice and drove to a local hospital. He was told they didn’t have a hand surgeon on staff so he was transported to St Mary’s Hospital in West Palm Beach. The doctors were not able to salvage the severed tip.

The lawsuit claims that Levy’s thumb is now a shadow of what it used to be. Hehas limited motor strength, exhibits a limited range of movement, and is in pain daily.

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