Marlin Burwell | Florida Man June 15

Marlin Burwell Was Arrested After Stealing More Than 50 Laptops From His Work, Selling Them On The Line | June 15

Town N’ Country: Employee theft is an alarmingly high epidemic for business owners. While most people steal for personal use, Florida man Marlin Burwell had a slightly more intriguing plan.

According to reports, Marlin Burwell was arrested after deputies say he stole more than a dozen laptops from his employer and tried selling them online.

Hillsborough County deputies say they were called to WellCare in Town ‘N’ Country after the company said about 50 laptops had been stolen. The company told deputies the computers are valued at around $70,000 and were taken from the IT department over the last several months.

Deputies said the laptops were being sold through Facebook Marketplace and the OfferUp app.

Deputies said they used a GPS system to track down the laptops in Pasco County. Hillsborough detectives said they worked with Pasco County deputies to find WellCare employee Marlin Burwell during a traffic stop.

Inside Burwell’s vehicle, deputies say they found five laptops. Another 12 laptops were found later at Burwell’s home in Land O’Lakes. In all, detectives say they were able to recover 17 stolen laptops.

Burwell was charged with five counts of dealing in stolen property. Deputies say theft charges are pending from Hillsborough County.

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