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Alexcia Tooley Was Arrested After A Bar Fight Where She Pulled Out A Gun And Shot A Woman In The Leg, Claims ‘Wasn’t Me’ | June 16

Belleview: What happens when you mix a bar in Florida, booze and a disagreement among a number of bar patrons? A brawl. Where someone gets shot. Florida woman Alexcia Tooley is facing charges after police saw her on video discharging a firearm during a bar brawl.

Police were called to Bumpers Bar in Belleview in reference to a shot fired. When they arrived, those involved had left. Officers said surveillance footage at the bar showed multiple people fighting and Alexcia Tooley holding a gun.

While investigating the shooting, Belleview police officials got a call from Summerfield ER in Summerfield. A woman was at the hospital with a gunshot wound to the leg. The injury was considered non-life-threatening.

Police officials were able to interview some bar patrons, who identified Tooley as the person brandishing the gun. Officers contacted Alexcia Tooley, who met them at an Ocala residence for questioning.

She told officers she was not involved in an altercation and did not have a gun. Police said they have video showing her holding a gun. She was arrested after the interview.

Tooley is facing a variety of charges including carrying a concealed weapon, firing a weapon in public or on residential property and improper exhibition of firearm or dangerous weapon.

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