Mark Le Clair | Florida Man September 12

Mark Le Clair Pulls Shotgun On Another Driver After Being Accused Of Not Giving Him Right Of Way, Tells Police He Was Standing His Ground | September 12

Cape Coral: What started as confusion as to who had the right of way at an intersection erupted into a fit of road rage with Florida Man Mark Le Clair being arrested.

According to reports, Le Clair didn’t stay calm after another driver got confused about the flow of the intersection they were passing through.

Le Clair, who was not required to stop at a designated stop sign, made a lawful left turn in front of another driver. That driver believed Le Clair was supposed to stay at the stop sign instead.

The two got into an argument and Le Clair pulled up alongside the driver and threatened to harm them with his shotgun. When police pulled the man over they found a 12 gauge shotgun and dozens of shell casings stashed in seats and compartments throughout his truck.

During his arrest, he told police he was standing his ground to defend himself.

Mark Le Clair was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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