Timothy Andrew Bouker | Florida Man September 10

Timothy Andrew Bouker Ran Into Roommate’s Vehicle With ATV, Flees The Scene With Gash On Head, Winds Up In Hostpial With Large Quantity Of Meth And Claims He Fell Off Roof | September 10

Ocala: Florida man Timothy Andrew Bouker was arrested after a bizarre collision with a roommate he claims he doesn’t have.

According to reports, the man and woman who claimed they didn’t know each other but live at the same address were both arrested on numerous charges after their vehicles collided last week.

A Florida Highway Trooper who responded to the scene at around 2 a.m. Wednesday was advised beforehand that the parties involved in the crash had fled on foot. But when he arrived, he found Catherine A. Sasak, 30, being evaluated by emergency medical services personnel. A witness said that Sasak, who was the registered driver of a gold Ford Taurus that was in the wreck, had fled on foot but returned to the scene a short time later.

The other vehicle was an Arctic Cat all-terrain vehicle, and the witness said the driver was a heavy-set white male covered in tattoos. He was last seen fleeing the area with a serious head injury.

Police determined that the ATV had been reported stolen and the description of the perp matched a man who frequently steals vehicles from the area.

The deputy showed the witness a recent Marion County Jail booking photo of Timothy Andrew Bouker, 36, and the witness confirmed it was him. Bouker had been released from jail days earlier after being arrested when his stolen motorcycle ran out of gas.

Police received a call from Advent Health that a man matching the description of Timothy Bouker had come to the hospital with a large quantity of methamphetamine in his possession. A trooper responded to the hospital and confirmed the subject was Bouker and observed a large gash on the back of his head that required multiple staples to close

Bouker stated multiple times that he had fallen off a one storey roof, although he had road rash consistent with being involved in the ATV crash.

While Bouker and Sasak live at the same address, they both claimed multiple times not to know each other. A sharp eyed deputy said that Sasak had a necklace at the crash scene that was identical to a necklace Bouker was wearing at the time of his previous arrest.

Timothy Andrew Bouker was charged with trafficking in over 14 grams of methamphetamine, grand theft auto, resisting an officer without violence, failure to remain at a crash involving injuries to others, and driving with a suspended license (second offense).

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