Lethal Puffer Fish | Florida Man June 12

A Florida Man Was Admitted To Hospital After Taking Cocaine, Eating A Puffer Fish Liver | June 12

Aventura: There are things that go together well such as spaghetti and meatballs and pizza and beer. A Florida man is in intensive after taking cocaine and eating the liver of a puffer fish.

According to reports, both of his legs had gone numb, he felt weak, and he was struggling to speak and stay awake. A pain had erupted in his chest which made it feel as though it was tearing.

Hospital staff learned the man had eaten the liver of a puffer fish four hours before arriving at the hospital. Three days prior, he had also consumed canned food and cocaine.

The patient’s grandmother, who had eaten a smaller amount of the fish, also experienced dizziness and weakness in her lower body.
The pair had been poisoned by tetrodotoxin, a potent chemical which is around 1,200 times more toxic to humans than cyanide.

Eventually, the patient recovered from respiratory failure. But his kidneys did not heal, and he still relies on dialysis.

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