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Kimberly Jean Carroll Didn’t Like How Her Boyfriend Cut The Meat And Potatoes, So She Beat Him And Spit On Him. How Do You Like Them Potatoes? | July 26

Manatee: Florida woman Kimberly Jean Carroll didn’t like the way her boyfriend cut the meat and potatoes for their dinner. So she punched her beau in the face and then spit at him.

Kimberly Jean Carroll was arrested last night following a confrontation in the Ellenton residence she shares with the victim. Police described Carroll as the man’s live in girlfriend of five years.

When police responded to the couple’s home, the victim reported that Carroll was arguing with him about how he cut the meat and potatoes for their dinner. The verbal dispute turned physical, cops charge, when Carroll struck the victim in the face with a closed fist one time.

Carroll then proceeded to spit on the victim. The victim, who declined medical treatment, told police that he did not want Carroll to be arrested and declined to prepare an affidavit describing the incident.

Kimberly Jean Carroll was arrested on a misdemeanor domestic battery charge and booked into the county jail in advance of an initial court appearance today.

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