Katrina Fahlberg | Florida Man January 12

Katrina Fahlberg Admits To Theft After Being Confronted About 1,200 Missing Pain Pills | January 12

Lake City: According to reports a pharmacy technician, Katrina Fahlberg, was arrested after concealing bottles in her purse and pills in her bra, stealing 1,200 tablets of pain medication over 14 months.

According to the ESO, Fahlberg worked at Genoa Healthcare in Lake City. In November, Genoa’s site manager filled a prescription for tramadol, a pain medication also sold under the brand name “Ultram.” In filling the prescription, the manager noticed something off in the inventory.

A review of records showed the ordered amounts and dispensed amounts didn’t match. The manager took this problem to Fahlberg, the ESO said, “who admitted to taking the tramadol 50mg tablets at work.” The woman explained she started stealing the tablets in August 2018.

explained she started stealing the tablets in August 2018.

“Ms. Fahlberg admitted that she took the bottles of tramadol off the shelf, poured out five to 10 tablets and consumed them,” the ESO said. “Ms. Fahlberg also admitted that she concealed stolen tablets of tramadol in her bra and bottles in her purse.”

Katrina Fahlberg was arrested and is currently facing charges.

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