Juan Valentin Lopez | Florida Man January 18

Juan Valentin Lopez Stole A Vehicle, Crashed Into A Building And Took Sanctuary In A Church | January 18

Debary: A man is in custody after he drove into water, stole a vehicle and crashed into a building Saturday night. Deputies were called to Highbanks Marina for reports of a stolen vehicle. Witnesses told investigators they saw Juan Valentin Lopez, 20, drive slowly into the water near the boat ramp.

Officials were told Lopez seemed fine when he got out of the vehicle but wasn’t making sense. Lopez approached the car of a witness, which was still running with the keys in the ignition and drove off.

The stolen vehicle and Lopez were later found in Winter Garden after Lopez crashed into a Winter Springs Church. Police found Lopez inside a home that he is accused of breaking into nearby the church .

Juan Valentin Lopez Lopez is charged with leaving the scene of a crash with property damage, burglary and vehicle theft.

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