Jose Diaz | Florida Man September 12

Jose Diaz Was Obsessed With Ex, Calls Her From 40 Different Cell Phones, Leaves Her 49 Letters, Breaks Into Her Home And Laid On Her Bed | September 12

Volusia County: Registered sex offender Florida Man Jose Diaz sent dozens of handwritten letters, called from 40 different phone numbers and used a stolen key to break into a home while stalking his ex-girlfriend for several months.

Deputies said the victim reported the allegations against Jose Diaz on Friday. She said the stalking began when she and Diaz had a fight May 20 in the parking lot of her work and he told her, “Your car is going to have bullet holes soon.”

Initially, she thought Diaz was just angry because of their recent break-up, but she became more and more fearful as his behavior escalated.

The victim showed them 49 handwritten letters, most of which were written on the back side of envelopes. The letters were left in the woman’s mailbox, on her porch table, on her vehicle mirror and in some cases, on her garbage can, which would then be placed behind her car so she would see the notes as she went to move the trash can to back out.

Home surveillance video recorded the night of July 20 showed Diaz knocking on the victim’s sliding glass door. She begged him to leave, and he replied with: “I really need to talk to you. Why do you treat me this way?”

Deputies said he eventually left but returned on multiple occasions, including one time when the victim came home to find Diaz in her bed. She believes Diaz took a key from the home when the two were dating.

Diaz is also accused of using 40 different phone numbers to contact the victim, all of which she blocked. Calls were also placed to the victim’s work, where Diaz left 25 voicemails.

Jose Diaz was arrested and is facing a charge of aggravated stalking.

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