Jonathan Ortiz | Florida Man June 20

Jonathan Ortiz Was Playing Pokemon GO In Park After Hours, Was Arrested When Police Discovered 6 Pounds Of Drugs In His Car | June 20

Tampa: Pokemon GO was a phenomenon that swept across the country. There are still thousands of people who still play the popular social game. Florida man Jonathan Ortiz learned that you shouldn’t play it in the dark, while you have copious amounts of drugs in your vehicle.

According to police reports the man, Jonathan Ortiz, was seen in Beacon Meadows Park after hours by a Hillsborough deputy. The deputy approached the man asking what he was doing.

The deputy noticed that he was playing Pokemon GO on his cell phone.

When police walked the man back to his vehicle, the sharp nosed deputy smelled the familiar scent of marijuana. A subsequent search of the vehicle led police to the discovery of quote the “Poke-Stash.”

Ortiz had over 5.5 lbs of liquid THC, 1 lb of marijuana and 3.5 grams of cocaine in his vehicle.

He was arrested and is currently facing multiple drug related charges.

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