Hakeem Jones | Florida Man June 21

Hakeem Jones Was Arrested Weeks After He Arranged To Buy An iPhone, Then Robbed The Seller | June 21

Orange County: Buying or selling items online can sometimes be a wary process. At the end of the day you never know who you’re going to be dealing with. Florida man Hakeem Jones was arrested after he allegedly robbed someone looking to sell a cell phone.

According to reports, the victim was attempting to sell an iPhone online. The victim was contact by Hakeem Jones who arranged a time and place for them to meet up to conduct the transaction.

When Jones finally did arrive he came with a surprise; a can of mace. He apparently pepper sprayed the victim and a friend of the victim before robbing them of the cell phone they were attempting to sell.

He fled on foot. Police were finally able to track the man down and were able to arrest him. Jones is currently facing robbery related charges.

Police are reminding people to be safe when they buy or sell items online. A number of police stations are offering eCommerce exchange spots that are under 24/7 surveillance. If the seller won’t meet you at a law enforcement agency, that’s a red flag!

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